Tuesday, 3 January 2012

thoughts before I sleep

Tonight, you’re on my mind and when I sleep you’ll be in my dreams.
That’s what we are you know, you and I – dreams, shadows, devoid of substance.
Will you share my dream tonight? When I reach out for you, will you come to me? Let me feel the strength of your arms around my waist, the warmth of your lips pressed against mine.  Let me savour the heat of your kisses.
I want to know your touch as your hands explore my body. My hands are longing to caress and hold you.
Unfasten me and I’ll unfasten you. Let our eyes feast on the sight of each other; our tongues taste the sweetness of our flesh.
Lie with me, my darling, for the dream will be as fleeting as the night and we must make the most of it.
Be my steed and I shall ride you to paradise. As I lean forward to kiss you, my breasts will rest against your chest and you will pull me closer until we are one. Then we will be complete and you will cure my loneliness.
In the morning all that will remain will be the memory of... love?

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Stop by and say hello.

Hey - I know you're visiting the site. I know you're reading the posts and as some of you have been here more than once, I guess you like it. So why not stop by and say hello. Only 3 people have signed up as followers, which is fair enough, but don't you think it's a bit like voyeurism to watch without joining in? LOL - I'm only teasing, but you could leave an anonymous comment from time to time.Make me feel wanted ...

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Well, whaddya know?

I've now tried three different versions of avatar for Authonomy, since ditching the Hallowe'en costume and all have been rejected as unsuitable.

So I've just uploaded a picture of a nun. Let's see what happens to that one! Maybe I should post the other avi's here, That might work. Hmm! I'll discuss it with my technical adviser.

Oh wait, I don't have a technical adviser.

What do YOU think?

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Bedtime Story - A Hot Flash

I’m in bed now, alone and I’m thinking about you.  I have your picture on the screen. I push back the duvet and slip off my nightie, and here we are, together in the dark. I’m lying naked on the bed and you’re smiling at me from the laptop on the night stand. I smile back and then I close my eyes and let my imagination take over. Well, my hands have a part to play too. They are pretending to be your hands. They touch my face as I imagine sharing a lingering kiss with you. I feel your lips on mine and I shiver with delight. My hands, acting on your behalf, move gently down to my shoulders and then to my breasts. They are full and firm and my skin is soft. Thinking about you has made my nipples erect and now the caresses are sending little electric shocks through my body. The hands gently stroke and squeeze. I lick my fingers and tease my nipples, imagining that I can feel your tongue instead. Our hands, for they belong to both of us now, travel slowly across my tummy and over my hips.

I am starting to breathe heavily as my imagination works its magic. I open my legs and by the glow of the screen light you can see the glistening of my arousal. Our fingers play for a moment amidst the tiny damp curls that frame my entrance. Then we insert a finger; as far as it will go and feel the warm juice surround it. Withdrawing the finger, we trace a path to my clit which is now prominent and moist. I whisper your name and ask you to fuck me. I can feel you taking over from me as your cock replaces my fingers and enters me slowly, stretching me further apart to accommodate you. I wrap my legs around you and push up to take every inch of you inside me.  I gasp as you are finally fully inserted and your hardness is filling me completely. We find our rhythm together and I run my hands down your spine as you slide your hands beneath my buttocks to raise me up and drive even deeper. The shudders begin as I come, over and over. Now at last, I can sleep. I can’t find words for that – except maybe, thank you.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Almost entered this for Autho's 416 word competition...

First – A Kiss, and then…
I am always here for you. I am whoever you want me to be.
I am ready to please you in any way you choose, but while you think about it, let me set the scene. Join in when you’re ready; I don’t mind being interrupted.

You like my body? Let me show you more of it. No, don’t rush. Just watch while I slip out of this dress. That’s better. How about helping me to unhook my bra? Thanks. Don’t touch ...yet. I’ll do it for you. I like my tits. They’re my best feature and they feel good. Firm, yet soft to stroke and caress. Later, you’ll see for yourself.

You look a little flushed. Let me undo your shirt. Better still, let me take it off for you. You’ll be cooler. My goodness! You’re so muscular. I simply have to stroke your chest, and maybe just a few soft kisses trailing down to your navel as I get down on my knees. Those jeans are bulging. I can hardly get the zipper down. You need to be released, don’t you? I shall be your liberator. Oh, look at that! You are so big and hard right now, I simply have to touch you, to taste you. Feel my eager mouth enclosing you, lips moving gently back and forth as my tongue teases the tip of your cock.

You taste incredible, like watermelon. I want to swallow every inch of you, but not quite yet. Are you ready to play? What would you like to do? Oh, yes! I love the way your fingers stroke me. Your hands run down my spine as you lead me to bed.  You suck  my tits and I arch my back so  your fingers can find their way inside me, down there where I am so warm and wet; in the secret place where I am waiting for you to fill me.

We taste each other. Your tongue is inside me now, licking and teasing, I’m holding back. I don’t want it to end just yet.

“I want to fuck you.” You whisper.
I want to fuck you too. Come into me now, fill my cunt with your beautiful cock. We were made for this moment as we thrust and sigh together, when we are one body.

 My breathing quickens, as does yours, moving towards the moment of completion.  You thrust harder, I rise to meet you, and then we separate, becoming once again the strangers we are.

The Tears of a Clown - (Flash Fiction - an attempt at horror)

The Tears of a Clown

Joey was the real deal. He wasn’t one of those jerks who dressed up to entertain at some kids’ party on a Saturday afternoon. He was a circus clown and had spent his youth on the road, living in his brightly painted motor home and spreading joy twice nightly with matinees on Wednesday and Saturday. He loved the sound of laughter when he entered the ring in his enormous shoes and baggy trousers. He loved to watch the crowd duck as he picked up his bucket of ‘water’ to throw at them. But most of all he loved the kids who waited around at the end of the show to have their photos taken with him and ask him to sign their programmes. He couldn’t imagine any other kind of life. He would have liked kids of his own, but it wasn’t to be. At 26, he’d met Kitty and fallen in love. They’d married and after six months she dropped her bombshell.

“I don’t want children – nasty, dirty, noisy little beasts. That’s an end to it, Joey. Oh, and I’m sick of living this way. I want to settle down in a house and I want you to get a regular job and stop making a fool of yourself for a living.”

So Joey put away his greasepaint and the trappings of the circus. They moved into the city and he found work in a factory.  Kitty ruled him with a rod of iron and every day his heart died a little. Sometimes, at night when he couldn’t sleep, he’d creep into the spare room and dress up for old times’ sake, carefully applying his make up in front of the old mirror that used to hang in the ‘van. 

As time went by, his stocks diminished and soon he had nothing left but an empty tin and a few wrappers stained with the colours they once held. Joey wept as he smeared his face with the pathetic remnants of his happier days. He hugged himself against the chill that was emanating from inside, but nothing could disperse the cloud seeping into his brain.
“What have you done to me, woman?” He yelled at last, no longer afraid of disturbing the cold-hearted vixen who had stolen his joy with the promise of love, but had consistently failed to deliver.

Her laughter, as she stood in the doorway, cut him even deeper.
“You look ridiculous! I married a madman. They’ll lock you up and throw away the key, you old fool!”
“You took my life! You took my life!” His tears were washing away what little colour he had been able to apply.
Kitty laughed harder. “What life? Playing the fool every night for the admiration of little brats? I’ve given you a nice home and a comfortable life. What more did you want?”

Joey screamed as he flew at her and locked his hands around her throat.
“I wanted to be loved. I wanted children. I wanted respect. You gave me none of those.” With each sentence he squeezed harder, banging her head against the wall, until at last her body went limp in his hands and he released her.

Methodically, he checked for signs of life. She was still breathing. He had knocked the mirror over during the struggle, and the floor was littered with broken glass. He picked up a large shard and plunged it into Kitty’s throat. Her eyes jerked open as the blood gushed out. She opened her mouth and a gurgling sound escaped and then her life was over.

Joey leapt to his feet and ran for the bathroom where he vomited and then washed his face. He took his shaving mirror back into the spare room with him to repair his make up.

When the police arrived, in response to Joey’s call, they found the bodies lying side by side, in a pool of drying blood. Two clowns with huge red-painted mouths and noses – the man’s wrists had been slashed and the woman’s throat had been cut. Forensic evidence confirmed that their faces were expertly painted with the woman’s blood.

A possible competition entry.

The Party

His deep brown eyes seem to know the secrets of her soul. They’ve been talking for a while now and she’s already told him all about her shitty boyfriend and miserable life. She didn’t mean to, it just all came tumbling out. She feels good when he asks her opinion – as if her opinion counts for something.
All around them, the party carries on. She’s happy sitting at the bar being the focus of someone’s attention for a change.
“It’s rather noisy in here, isn’t it?” He stands up.

Please don’t go!

“Too noisy for me.” Angie bites her lip. Mark flashes a killer smile at her.
He holds out his hand. She takes it and they move through the crowd to the lift. Mark’s room is #302. It has a balcony overlooking the beach. The music from the party drifts up as they sit and drink red wine.
“Angie, I know we’ve only just met but …”  

Does he mean what I think he means? It’s now or never.

“I know.” She leads him inside.
They kiss, softly at first. He strokes her hair as she unfastens his shirt. He unzips her dress and slides it off her shoulders, easing it downwards, kissing her curves as he reveals her body.
“You’re beautiful.” She knows this isn’t true, but it doesn’t matter. She unbuckles his belt and helps him out of his trousers. Kneeling in front of him she pulls down his boxer shorts liberating his erection. She strokes him gently; she wants to take him into her mouth.
“No, not yet.” He says. “Let me see you first.”
He removes her bra and panties and strokes her back as he pulls her towards him. They lie on the bed and his fingers tease her nipples as he kisses her neck. His lips travel downward to her nipples, as his hands gently encourage her to open her legs and allow his fingers to explore her moist silken treasure. She sighs as he teases her clitoris. She raises her hips to grant access as he tenderly pushes his fingers inside her.

This is heavenly. He wants me and I want him so much.

Deep inside the tremors are starting, her breathing becomes faster and a little moan escapes. She doesn’t want it to end. Sensing this, he withdraws his fingers and kisses her. She feels his warmth; his rigid cock pressing against her. He caresses her from the swell of her breasts to her hips. His breathing quicken as he slides his hands beneath her buttocks and enters her.

His cock is filling me.

“Don’t hold back now, I want you to come for me, Angie.”

He’s saying my name! Why does that turn me on so much?

“Oh yes, Mark, oh yes!” She gasps and then wave after wave of sensations, until at last their bodies stiffen. As she returns to reality she realizes that they have climaxed together. Mark is smiling.

Thank you, maybe I am beautiful after all.